Floods 2010

In 2010, Pakistan witnessed the most devastating floods in its history. Starting from the North, the floods travelled to the South, causing damage at an unprecedented level. Millions were left homeless, and thousands were reported dead.  Entire villages and towns were washed away, destroying infrastructure, farms, houses, etc. According to the NDMA, 1,985 deaths were reported, 1,744,471 houses damaged and 20,184,550 people were affected. The flood affectees, having lost their homes and majority of their belongings were in dire need of medical help. The need for food, shelter and clean water was also immense. HOPE responded by launching a huge relief operation that covered medical aid, relief distribution, provision of safe drinking water, nutrition support and reconstruction of houses.

As part of its flood rehabilitation efforts, HOPE began a pilot shelter project aiming to provide housing for 75 families in the Haji M. Moosa Jakro village and Tando Hafiz Shah village of Thatta district. Flooded with almost 14 feet of water from the River Sindh, the disaster affected every single one of the 70 families living in the village. The families have returned to their villages, however their houses have been destroyed. They are forced to live in make shift houses. Hence, HOPE has implemented a restoration project.

When choosing its beneficiaries, HOPE selected households based on their current living situations and prioritized families based on the status of the head of household as being a widow, elderly, sick, handicapped.

The project started with the first step—a means to organize the community by helping them establish a formal village council through which the project was executed. Once families were identified based on the project’s criteria, construction began for the first 10 priority households due for completion on April 9. To date, 77 houses have been built for flood affectees in the Thatta district. This project is on-going.

The project was made possible by generous grants from Human Concern International and  Kraft/Cadbury, Pakistan, and an anonymous family from Dubai UAE.