Education is a neglected field in Pakistan and data shows that primary school enrollment is very low in Pakistan. In addition nearly 30% of children drop out from the 3rd class onward. Generally parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Parents with five to six children cannot afford school fees, books and uniforms.

Formal School Karachi

The HOPE Formal School was opened in Korangi in 2006, targeting the underprivileged children of the community. Textbooks provided free of cost. Qualified teachers from the community teach the children. Nearly 750 children are studying in the morning and evening shifts in Karachi. A science laboratory also provides matric in science facility where no other science school is present.

Recently, Standard Chartered collaborated with HOPE to open a well-equipped library in the school. Educational materials such as books, literature reviews and educational magazines were provided. The volunteer team also provided library equipment such as tables, chairs, and two computers.